Q: Will the multisig account ever be able to withdraw funds from the DEX that were deposited by a user through make?

A: No. The DEX is trustless, meaning that no funds that were deposited into the DEX via make can be withdrawn by the multisig account. It can only withdraw the fees that have been paid by the takers and Ether that has been accidentally transferred to the DEX.

Q: If a swap was opened with make and the maker lost their wallet or private key. Is there a way to cancel the swap and recover the funds?

A: No. The swap can only be cancelled by the maker as long as they have access to their wallet, e.g., if they are in possession of their private key. If the maker loses access to their account, the swap will remain open forever, until someone takes it, or the DEX shuts down. If the DEX re-opens, the swap will also re-open.